Four Things You Need To Know About Self Love

Side photo by Jusdevoyage on Unsplash

‘Self-love’ isn’t only on the surface. Sometimes we forget that it’s inside too. Self-love is validating, encouraging, building, and catering for yourself. Before going on the journey to loving yourself, you need to acknowledge some things first.

  1. You Are Responsible For Yourself

Your health, your mental wellbeing, and your self-esteem is the core of your self-love. Depending on people or stuff to feel validated harms your self-esteem. That dependence is based on things that waver, expire, and can leave you. If you carry yourself highly in your heart, then nothing can bring you down. Comparing yourself to others takes you further from loving yourself. You are YOU, an original, perfect, beautiful human being. Don’t become someone else; you’ll never surpass being their copy.

Bonus: When you value yourself highly, others will value you highly or at least respect you.

2. Your Health is Part of Your Love

If you value your life and body, you should take care of that body like a gem. Eat more healthy foods, and drink healthier drinks. Your body is a temple that needs to be clean. If you eat healthily, live healthy too. Stay in a clean, positive environment. Clean places repel dirt and germs, and they also improve your productivity. When you’re stressed, find time to loosen up. Engage in your favorite hobbies, relax in your home, or go out and enjoy nature. Get creative if you write, draw, paint, play music, or sculpt. Let your inner artist blossom. A healthy human is a happy human.

Bonus: Keep away from drugs, cigarettes, and alcohol. They will destroy your body, and they are also difficult to stop. Save yourself the trouble and keep your body clean.

3. Your Feelings Are Always Important

You can’t be an independent, beautiful person if you believe anything people say about you. Your opinions and values are top priority, but if you receive constructive criticism on how to improve yourself, take it and never let go of it. Walking out of toxic relationships is a core part of self-love because you value yourself enough to leave something that harms you. It may not be easy, but the absence of negative influences and people in your life will allow you to flourish and be free. Surround yourself and build relationships with people that positively influence you, teach you great habits and practices, and encourage and love you. Learn to speak up for and defend yourself. Most times, we are our heroes.

Bonus: Learn to say ‘no.’ Refusing to do something you aren’t comfortable with will save you future troubles, worries, and stress.

4. You Don’t Need To Carry Burdens

Celebrate your wins, forgive those who wronged you, and forgive yourself. Seek for help in your toughest times, from your family, friends, and even God. When you carry burdens, they get heavier until it’s unbearable. Letting go of those burdens lightens your load. Have you ever considered why happy people move very freely? One time, I saw a picture of a girl holding balloons and floating in the sky. Her smile was big and beautiful. I think that she could get so high because nothing was holding her down. You can be happy, and you can soar to great heights. Leave the load on the ground and never go back. Bringing yourself down means you’ll have a hard time building yourself up.

Bonus: When you need help unloading your burdens, seek professional aid or a trusted friend or family member. It’s not every journey that you need to take alone.

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Always love yourself, because you’re perfect the way you are.❤❤



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